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Tripod 3G Sports Insoles are biomechanical insoles featuring orthopedic
effects for perfect control during sports activities.

Tripod 3G Sports Insoles have been designed, tested, and certified in combined efforts by a team of engineers, orthopaedic surgeons, and
sports physicians.

Tripod 3G Sports Insoles are a kind of power for your feet.
Tripod 3G mould your whole body for better stability and balancein areas like joints, knees and hips.

Outstanding features of these insoles are:

• lessening of shock loads

• correction of false positioned body axes, thus allowing higherperformance

• additional attenuation at extreme high speed impact loads

• prophylaxis for joints and spine

• performance enhancement by maximum power transmissionin
  in-between foot and ground

• prevention of potential sporting injuries

• easing of pressure points underneath the midfoot bones

The Sports Insoles do not have any negative impact on the flexibility
of your shoes, but help to correct feet and legs in the desired manner.

The core of the insoles gently sustains the foot, and allows adequate
room to the musculature for active functioning. No negative effects
will emerge contrary to standard stiff insoles.

Tripod 3G Sports Insoles guarantee the ideal stimulation of all the ofskin and muscle tendons. For the very first time, motion decoupling
between forefoot and back foot is physiologically backed up overall
by the use of this kind of inserts.