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Medical Information

Any physical development, any movement, position and function can
be technically evaluated. In our production, we employ especially
developed instruments, well-known from space technology and high
performance sports industries. It is this purposeful use of techniques
which enables us to apply made to measure methods of therapy to
prevent or to treat health problems. In their form, static and dynamics,
feet are considered as extremely complicated, so precise working
neurogene controls are required for a smooth locomotion process.
The tiniest error may cause an instability or even inflammations,
discomfort, swellings, limited movement. The consequences might be
disastrous, a permanent reduction of quality of life. Foot diseases
aggressively affect other joints such as knees and hips, or even the
spinal column and may also be the reason for chronic headaches or
psychosomatic diseases.

One very crucial reason for foot diseases is modern mass production
of shoes. Unfortunately, it completely neglects the individual attributes
of feet. After years of efforts, we managed to solve this problem.
The unique RIWA technique enables us to produce shoes with equally
positive qualities for streets, domestic use and sports.

Dr. med. T. Philipp
orthopedic surgeons and sports physicians