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Medical Information

       Magnetic Foot Orthotics for overall support of

                      human health

… well established institutions in the U.S. and Germany provide conclusive
evidence that usage of BIOFLEX magnets positively influence the diminishment, or even abatement of disturbed well-being
in certain regions of the human body...

Indications which have been subject to research:

• heels/acute heel spur syndrome

• acute sering pain in heel area

• local pain symptoms in lower extremities

(without neurological deficits)

• insufficient hypodermic blood circulation

BIOFLEX Magnets with circular magnetisation are clinically tested     flexible permanent magnets, defined as class 1 medical device, and registered in accordance with DIN 13485.

Positively and negatively electrified elements of blood or lymph pas
sing through areas underneath a BIOFLEX magnet foil attached to the skin will be attracted and repelled. This will induce improved circulation
of blood and lymph, which in turn will lead to the evacuation
of roughage, enhanced oxygen supply, and finally the diminution of pain.